Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My Beirut List ( Updated)

Beirut, Lebanon has a always been a second home for me and a has special place in my heart.  Growing up , my family and I spent a couple of months every year. Theres always something interesting and new to see or do every time we fly there! What I love about Beirut the most is, t how locals embrace culture in everything! I know that a lot of you haven't been to Lebanon for ages. So here's a little list I created from my past couple of trips.
 (Most places I've tried out, but there are some that were recommended by locals and friends! )

( Zaytoni Bay Marina) I honestly felt I was a legit photographer .

 ( Harari Mosque in Downtown Beirut,  So beautiful)

Beirut Souks ( Open air mall for high-end and high-street brands, Cinema and cool hip restaurants too)
Solider (  high-end brands like Dior, Gucci, Chanel, Celine, Dolce and Gabbana)
Abc- الاشرفيه ( Stores, department store, restaurants and cafes)
Abc- ظبيه
Abc Verdun ( new)
City Mall ( Closed mall , mostly high street brands)
City Center ( New closed mall, mostly high street brands like Topshop and HM)
Some boutiques in مار مخايل و الجميزه ( local brands)
Aishti - ظبيه ( high-end brands) preferably to go during the day, weather is beautiful theres also a cafe called People and a restaurant called "Meat the Fish", Theres also a Spa and hair salon where I did my ashy-pink hair there.
سوق الطيب- Farmer's market in Beirut Souks every Saturday from early morning to around 3 pm
اشغالنا- Handmade items\ flea market
Saifi Village- Local shops including Cream multi-brand store and other cute local brand shops, make sure to have coffee and waffle at the cafe in the middle
Vanina - Local designer
Pop up Concepts - Street wear
Label Queen - bridge brands

Falmanki - ( its a must go cafe! great vibes and food, open really late!)
قهوة ليلى - Great to get a snack or drink coffee
ام شريفcafe
قهوة عزمي
Eat Sunshine ( organic, healthy)
Home Sweet Home ( breakfast + Instagram friendly )
Bar Tartine
Back Burner ( Speciality coffee)
Kalei Coffee ( Specialty coffee)

Lebanese Restaurants:
ام شريف
السلطان ابراهيم
برج الحمام
Maryool ( street Lebanese food, so yummy!)

International Restaurants :
Zaytoni Bay ( Restaurants and Cafe's overlooking the Marina)
The Village ( A couple of Restaurants and Cafe's)
Villa Clara ( French)
Le Avenue du parc ( French)
Joe Pena ( Mexican)
Memory lane ( International)
Gathering ( French, International)
Gilt ( Mediterranean , European)
Burgundy ( French)
Saks ( International)
Celsius ( International)
Happy Prince ( Burgers)
Kampai ( Japanese )
Metropole ( French)
Society ( French)
La Parrilla ( Steakhouse)
Centrale ( French)

Shows and Entertainment:
ام شريف
Music Hall

Le Gray
Four Seasons
Kempinski Summerland
Movenpick  Hotel
Saifi Suites ( boutique hotel)

Beach and Pools ( Summer season only) :
Madam Bleu- Beirut ( They also have two cool restaurants there Sea salt (seafood) and Popolo ( Italian)
Orchid Beach Resort- Jiyeh
Iris Beach Club- Damour
Edde Sands Resort- Jbeil
Mandaloun Beach Club- Dbayeh
Rivera Hotel- Beirut
Cyan Beach Resort- Kaslik, Jounieh
Veer Boutique Hotel & Resort  - Kaslik, Jounieh
Kempinski Summer land

( Em Shreif Cafe, Falfel Sandwich and Pomegranate Juice to die for) 

( Found this Cafe in Saiffi Village, Super cute spot and super cute barista haha )

( Backburner seating area)


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