Friday, July 7, 2017

My Mykonos, Greece List ( Updated)

Mykonos was always a destination I had on my bucket list ever since I was in high school! So happy that I made this trip happen! I Just got back a few days ago with the worst flu ever and ended up with an IV but I guess it's part of the experience! lol It was by far one of the best trips ever! I met the coolest people, dined in the most beautiful restaurants, got lost in the cutest alleys and shopped till I dropped! Will I ever go back? YES! it will probably be a ritual!

I want to start off answering common questions about Mykonos,

How did I get to my destination ?
This part was actually the biggest burden of the whole trip, I had to take 3 flights to get to Mykonos flying with Eithad
Dammam to Abu Dhabi ( Etihad) 1 hour
Abu Dhabi to Athens ( Etihad) 5 hours
we had to claim our baggage and check them in again for our domestic flight to Mykonos ( make sure to buy your bags prior for the domestic flight)
Athens to Mykonos ( Agean Air) 40 min
going to Mykonos it took us 12 hours to get there ( with layovers) and coming back it took us 14 hours with layovers. Emirates as well is similar to the flight we took.

There are other options to Athens such as Gulf Air which is just 2 stops instead of 3 ( Athens- Mykonos)  I also heard Middle East Airlines will be flying straight to Mykonos End of July ( a few days in Beirut doesn't not seem like a bad idea AT ALL)

Is Mykonos family friendly?
I really think it's not very family friendly since its considered a major party city, Not a place to take my parents or my future kids. I am only taking my future hubby there, if he's into the party scene that is ( let's all hope so, Mr. stylemesausan)  I've seen kids on the beach but I still don't think its a safe environment for the, to be around. Its my personal opinion but in the end of the day, it reallyup to you.

Transportation around the island?
Although taxis are a bit hard to find in the island, we mostly used the hotel shuttle to and from town and ordered taxis from the hotel to the beaches during the day. The receptionist at the hotel also recommended we download the Mykonos Uber version called Aegean Taxi by Multi Brains LLC it was actually cheaper than the taxis we ordered from the hotel. (rides were from 10 to 25 euros) .
You can also rent a car or buggy if you have a licensees, that was actually my initial plan until I saw the narrow rocky roads and how crazy people drove.  

Best time to go to Mykonos?
The Island actually operates 6 months of the year ( March to September/ October)
the highest season is July and August.

Where to live ?
I personally wanted to live closer to town since everything is in town I also knew I would be going to a different beach every day and wouldn't really benefit from staying at a resort with a private beach. Again, it's all up to you and your preferences.  I stayed in Andronikos Hotel, the hotel was really cool, location was ideal, service was really good and their staff was super duper friendly! ( what I loved the most about the hotel)

How many days is ideal for the trip?
I would say 6-10 days ( that is, if you have the energy to do the 10 days) lol!

Essential items from my wardrobe?
loose clothing, linens, ,straw bags, comfortable shoes ( I took white sneakers, slippers and block sandals for night) Took a few high-end pieces but ended up not wearing them,  generally people don't really dress up in Mykonos. There were also some days when I went to dinner with my swimsuit and coverup.

Best places to take photos?
EVERYWHERE! I would probably say the town, so many cute areas with beautiful trees and backgrounds.

Now for all the recommendations, most recommendations I personally tried and absolutely loved and other recommendations were from friends that I majorly trust but just did not have the time to try out! so here it goes!

Absolut (town)
Boheme ( town)
Thoxenia (town)
Andronikos ( town)
Ostraco (town)
Absolut (town)
Cavo Tagoo
Tharroe of Mykonos
Pistasos ( Beach)
Mykons Blu ( Beach)
Anax resort (Beach)

Santana ( Pool and beach)
Lohan Beach House ( The beach is super blue, so beautiful!)
Pasaji ( Ornos)
Kuzina ( Ornos)
Scorpios ( Food there is really good too!)
Pricipote (Panormos) my favorite!
Buddha bar

Avra (Greek)
Remezzo (Greek)
Interni ( Greek)
Ling ling (Hakasasn)
Mamalouka ( Greek)
Kousaris ( Japanese)
Nobu ( Japanese)
Kiku in Cavo Tagoo
Little Bambini for crepe
M- eating
La Maison du Catherine
Cabbanes Restaurant mykonian villa collection

High-end brands ( Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Dsquared2, Franck Muller )
Nammos Village is great for high-end shopping

Multi-brands ( Soho- Soho , Enny Monaco, Linea Piu, Dew concept store

Local stores:
Carvana in Scorpios
Lusia in Nammos ( Most beaches have stores, make sure to check them out)
Kontiza ( I got all my beach bags from there, owners are so cute!)
Optique Boutique
( just stroll down the town, you will find the most amazing shops ever!)

Cavo Tagoo Hotel

Nammos Beach


Principote Panormos 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My Beirut List ( Updated)

Beirut, Lebanon has a always been a second home for me and a has special place in my heart.  Growing up , my family and I spent a couple of months every year. Theres always something interesting and new to see or do every time we fly there! What I love about Beirut the most is, t how locals embrace culture in everything! I know that a lot of you haven't been to Lebanon for ages. So here's a little list I created from my past couple of trips.
 (Most places I've tried out, but there are some that were recommended by locals and friends! )

( Zaytoni Bay Marina) I honestly felt I was a legit photographer .

 ( Harari Mosque in Downtown Beirut,  So beautiful)

Beirut Souks ( Open air mall for high-end and high-street brands, Cinema and cool hip restaurants too)
Solider (  high-end brands like Dior, Gucci, Chanel, Celine, Dolce and Gabbana)
Abc- الاشرفيه ( Stores, department store, restaurants and cafes)
Abc- ظبيه
Abc Verdun ( new)
City Mall ( Closed mall , mostly high street brands)
City Center ( New closed mall, mostly high street brands like Topshop and HM)
Some boutiques in مار مخايل و الجميزه ( local brands)
Aishti - ظبيه ( high-end brands) preferably to go during the day, weather is beautiful theres also a cafe called People and a restaurant called "Meat the Fish", Theres also a Spa and hair salon where I did my ashy-pink hair there.
سوق الطيب- Farmer's market in Beirut Souks every Saturday from early morning to around 3 pm
اشغالنا- Handmade items\ flea market
Saifi Village- Local shops including Cream multi-brand store and other cute local brand shops, make sure to have coffee and waffle at the cafe in the middle
Vanina - Local designer
Pop up Concepts - Street wear
Label Queen - bridge brands

Falmanki - ( its a must go cafe! great vibes and food, open really late!)
قهوة ليلى - Great to get a snack or drink coffee
ام شريفcafe
قهوة عزمي
Eat Sunshine ( organic, healthy)
Home Sweet Home ( breakfast + Instagram friendly )
Bar Tartine
Back Burner ( Speciality coffee)
Kalei Coffee ( Specialty coffee)

Lebanese Restaurants:
ام شريف
السلطان ابراهيم
برج الحمام
Maryool ( street Lebanese food, so yummy!)

International Restaurants :
Zaytoni Bay ( Restaurants and Cafe's overlooking the Marina)
The Village ( A couple of Restaurants and Cafe's)
Villa Clara ( French)
Le Avenue du parc ( French)
Joe Pena ( Mexican)
Memory lane ( International)
Gathering ( French, International)
Gilt ( Mediterranean , European)
Burgundy ( French)
Saks ( International)
Celsius ( International)
Happy Prince ( Burgers)
Kampai ( Japanese )
Metropole ( French)
Society ( French)
La Parrilla ( Steakhouse)
Centrale ( French)

Shows and Entertainment:
ام شريف
Music Hall

Le Gray
Four Seasons
Kempinski Summerland
Movenpick  Hotel
Saifi Suites ( boutique hotel)

Beach and Pools ( Summer season only) :
Madam Bleu- Beirut ( They also have two cool restaurants there Sea salt (seafood) and Popolo ( Italian)
Orchid Beach Resort- Jiyeh
Iris Beach Club- Damour
Edde Sands Resort- Jbeil
Mandaloun Beach Club- Dbayeh
Rivera Hotel- Beirut
Cyan Beach Resort- Kaslik, Jounieh
Veer Boutique Hotel & Resort  - Kaslik, Jounieh
Kempinski Summer land

( Em Shreif Cafe, Falfel Sandwich and Pomegranate Juice to die for) 

( Found this Cafe in Saiffi Village, Super cute spot and super cute barista haha )

( Backburner seating area)