Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Victorean Flea Finds

The flea market is by far the most place I am going to miss in L.A. There is literally no place like this. Sunday is my favorite day for that reason. I just wish I was able to buy everything. I always give myself a reminder " Sausan, you are moving back in a year " to stop myself from buying a kitchen stool.  My apartment literally looks like a museum with all my retro/vintage finds I bought . I just can't get enough! So after a long stroll,  I just couldn't say no to these little $3 tin boxes. I also had to fight for these $5 victorian cake plates with a 60 year old Asian lady. In the end of the day, It was all worth it! My vintage tea set is now complete! Saudi Arabian Victorian themed tea party. Anyone?

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