Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Introducing Sandra J

Sandra J a 23-year-old Lebanese designer Born in Paris spent most of her childhood abroad. A daring fashion fanatic known to create exclusive handbags, accessories such as high heels, sandals, and other leather goods with a signature distinction in style. Her line includes fresh fluorescent colors glowing a radiant trace in a place,
It is hard to walk by undetected with a Sandra J handbag on your arm. Sandra J products are a work of art; all of which have been carefully crafted with the finest genuine leather and exotic skins in many intricate shapes and designs to satisfy everyone's various tastes. Providing the best quality, designs and colors in her products has led her to become one of the leading brands in the middle east and in the golf regions. She has been nominated in Dubai and Qatar as the best selling brand!

Sandra J is sold in the countries below:
Lebanon: Kulte/Cream/Toxic/2pieces
Dubai/abu dhabi/Uae: bloomingdale's,Sauce
Kingdom of saudi arabia: Etre/  Jeddah red sea mall/   
Riyadh: Panorama mall.
Qatar/Doha: 51east(city center the pearl)
Kuwait: Al aouj Fashion goup

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