Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lanvin Comes to Barneys

The Lanvin event at Barneys was equal parts stand up comedy routine and high fashion runway show. Alber Elbaz brought his trademark boxy for an in-store fashion show, which was hosted by a glowing, gorgeous Uma Thurman. Twenty-six looks were presented, all feminine, all frisky and all fun. 

Elbaz can work a trunk show like no one's business. Like Bill Blass before him, and like Michael Kors today, he loves reaching out and meeting his women. "I used to say women are strong, but men are powerful. Strength is internal. But women today are strong and powerful, and that's a deadly combination," he laughed. "That's the women I'm dressing." But more importantly, the customers love him too. And it was a little show like this one that proved exactly why women all around the world love his designs and him as a designer. 


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