Monday, April 9, 2012

BLANK Boutique - Day One

Hair and Makeup done at Maison de Joelle Salon one of the main Sponsors of the event in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia.I was personally in charge of styling hair, makeup and outfits of models for the two day event! It was super fun!, but very hectic! Can't wait till it airs! Stay tuned!

 Models modeling Qabila Apparel T-shirts . Pay attention on how cool the cuffs look with the super man Saudi version T. 

 Amal Al Goblan a fashion design student displaying her first ready-to-wear line, talking more about her line Dolls and Skulls, it was such a pleasure meeting her in person, A very fun and sweet girl with so much to offer to this world ! I bought two beautiful pieces, a sheer lavender skirt and a mellow yellow studded collar buttoned sheer shirt.  

Models rocking new comer  Label Dolls and Skulls , While I was styling models and making sure everything was right prior MBC's show " Style " shooting.

Threads by Razan Al Azzouni

Making sure everything looks good on film, look how tiny I look comparing to the model!

NO.SH Designs by Noura Al Ashaikh 

 Ghadah Paris by Ghadah Al Rashid

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