Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BLANK Boutique - Day 2

Opening day, Models flaunting outfits from Dolls and Skulls, Qabila Apparel , NO.SH Designs and Razan Al Aazzouni 

  Model in Dolls and Skulls by Amal Al Goblan

 Dolls & Skulls by Amal Al Goblan

 Qabila Apparel T-shirt and Dolls & Skulls Pants 

 Melanic Jewelry Rings and NO.SH Designs dress

Goody Bags

Melanic Jewelry 

Loomer Jewelry 

 Work done by fashion design students 

 Qabila Apparel wall display 

 NO.SH Designs Fall/ Winter , Spring/Summer Collections 

 Ghadah Paris by Ghadah Al Rashid Display 

 Dolls and Skulls by Amal Al Goblan

Threads by Razan Al Azzouni 

 Actress Ameera Mohammed 

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