Friday, March 16, 2012

A conversation with Etta Bond


                                                          Etta Bond (Ask Me To Stay)
                                                      Etta Bond ft. Wretch 32 - forgiveness

With Labrinth as her producer and a hit song with Wretch 32 (Forgiveness), 2012 is shaping up rather considerately for Cambridge born, London twenty two year old Etta Bond! Check out the videos above and let us know what you think about Etta Bonds music and style. She kind of reminds us of Adele but a bit different too. 


  1. She's very creative - I love her own self penned version of 'Forgiveness' which shows her writing skills - written from the heart and with such honesty. Her new stuff is heading in a very individual and surprising direction which will take her away from the comparisons with the likes of Adele and Katie B etc
    Here's her version of 'Forgiveness'

  2. I agree, Thank you .. will check out the link ! =)