Friday, March 30, 2012

Alice Temperley Launches Her Favourite Dresses on Avenue32

To celebrate her first ten years in the fashion industry Alice Temperley has launched a collection of her utmost and favorite dress designs to be sold exclusively at luxury online boutique, Avenue32. Including both red carpet worthy classics and day dresses like the Mini Palina and long sleeved Trina styles, the ‘best of’ collection is extraordinary for its immutability. Temperely’s perfect blend of boho and chic continues to inspire the same devotion. Each of the pieces in the collection stands up today as desirable and wearable, without the hint of 20 seasons past. Alice herself says the collection holds a great amount of sentimental value for her: "All of them [the dresses] bring back strong memories, they are all from different periods of Temperley and my career. It is wonderful to look back and I can't believe we have already celebrated 10 years of Temperley. On one hand it seems like a lifetime and on the other just like the beginning.”

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